Created by South Carolina native, La-Keasha Brown with one goal in mind:


"To consistently provide health and wellness alternatives for other creatives, entrepreneurs or artists wanting/needing to incorporate healthy living into their ambitious schedules without breaking their budgets"

1987 Juices is a wellness brand housing both beverages and events. Each bottle is inspired by the power of music, sound for healing. Hence the music notes on each bottle and the live DJ sets at each workout. 


We literally started in my Culver City, CA kitchen after I moved to Los Angeles from Vegas. I started teaching Zumba and Kickboxing classes to relieve stress, say. I then started juicing to manage my digestive system, acne and mood. During classes, I encouraged the same with my students. They began asking me to bring gallons of juice to class for them. I would package the juice in water jugs from Ralphs, with a paper label that said "LaKeashaFIT" on it.  I didn't know many people in LA, so that was my way of introducing myself to new students. (literally) "Hi, I'm LaKeasha, I teach and sell juice!" 

My students began buying the juice, and encouraged me to begin selling it. They were always a group of people I related to: artists, creatives, business owners, techies, ambitious, relentless. (THANK YOU!)

I met DJ Lalaland while teaching a class in Hollywood in 2014. It was then that the concept of teaching with a DJ began. After developing a name (1987 JUICES) and literally drawing the new branding out by hand and digitizing it, I just kept going. I haven't changed the concept, just improved it.

So as always......Hi, I'm LaKeasha. I teach and sell juice! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us!


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