What is a Juice Cleanse or Detox?

It's a practice of abstaining from solid food consumption in an effort to cleanse the body of toxins and increasing fruit and vegetable intake. It's also referred to as Juice Fasting and is often times a spiritual process. An alternative for medication, holistic healing leverages it to detoxify the body. 

Why the name 1987 Juices?

It's the year our founder was born. She used to beat herself up about accomplishing certain things before a certain age, and so by giving the brand the name of her birth year....every year is a good year. It's also the same reminder she gives to 87ers, it's never to late to become who you were created to be. Hence, the logo's mention of "Refuel, Relive, Restore", bringing it back to the source of self.

What is Cold Pressed? Is blending still an alternative for me?

Cold-pressed juicers use a hydraulic press rather than high heat to extract juice from fruit and vegetables, as opposed to other methods such as centrifugal or single auger. YES, blending is still an amazing alternative to juicing. Blending is taking the whole fruit or vegetable into the blender and drinking it. Juicing and Blending provides two different consistencies. Juicing is easier for your body to digest and hits your bloodstream faster (great if you have gut issues or difficulty with bowels). Blending makes room for more fiber and breaks it apart also assisting with ease in digestion, while also providing a more "full" sensation. 

Is there anything else I can do to cleanse while on a cleanse?

Yes, cleansing is not just a physical process. It can be spiritual, mental, emotional and even financial. We suggest a few things to do while sipping:


1) Declutter your home, computer, social media (you can even fast from using it) and phone

2) Leverage this time to journal and read. Dedicate the week to a book and use the journal to capture your thoughts, be creative and jot down both short/long term goals.

3) Create a daily, weekly or monthly budget for saving, to get rid of debt, get ahead of bills, and to invite consistency and abundance into your life.

4) MEDITATE DAILY. This will help encourage your mission of finishing the cleanse. Tips on doing this would be to visit youtube and search for "Meditation & Healing Music". Choose the stream that FEELS best (Yes, you can actually feel the vibrations) and then close your eyes, focusing all of your intention on the moment while outwardly smiling thanking yourself for committing to the practice of cleansing.

5) FOR additional health practices: Be sure to consume lots of water to flush toxins, colon hydrotherapy, far infrared saunas, herbal tea, and oil pulling help as well. (Oil Pulling is a technique requiring you to "swish" oil around your mouth for 20 seconds. It's typically a dental practice but it has been said to help pull the toxins from your mouth and body)

Can I exercise while on a juice cleanse?

Ah, such a loaded question. You want to maximize results, but we suggest low impact workouts such as yoga, hiking, dancing. Particularly for those cleansing longer than 5-7 days.  Please consult doctor if you are on any dietary or movement restrictions.

Can I find 1987 Juices on Grubhub or Doordash?

Yes, we are now located on both. 

Are our juices organic and non-gmo?

Yes, our juices are organic, non-gmo and ingredients are locally sourced.

Can I cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. It is not recommended to reduce your daily intake to only liquids. However, if you are juicing ​as a meal replacement with full, regularly scheduled meals during the day, yes. Please advise with your doctor or health practitioner prior to purchasing if considering juicing for health benefits other than daily flush to accompany your daily meals. 

How long is my juice good for and how should I store my juice?

It's recommended that you enjoy your juice within 3-4 days of purchase to ensure the fullest flavor profile. If consuming laer han ha time frame, simply toss them in freezer until ready tto conume. Do not leave out in the heat or unrefrigerated. Shake before you first open to consume.

Can I have a sample schedule of how often I should consume sips.

Of course, each order comes with a SIP INSTRUCTIONS card providing: the order you should consume each bottle, pre and post prep instructions, and how often to consume each bottle. As a heads up, each bottle should be consumed every two hours from the first. You can expect to remove meat, dairy, processed foods, fried and fast foods, bread and all beverages beside water prior to the start of your cleanse.

When should I start my cleanse?

This is a two part answer. If you prepped prior to purchasing, you can start the day of or the day after receiving your cleanse. If you have not, you can start up to 48 hours after to give you time to prep your body. 

What should I do if I have allergies?

Read all flavor ingredients before checking out. Include a note with your allergies during checkout or start a conversation in our "CHAT" box to include a note with your order. It is your responsibility to ensure they are communicated, our to confirm to you that we have received a list of any allergies.

Are all of your juices dairy, preservative free?

Yes, all orders are free from dairy, and preservatives.

Are the bottles 100% juice after pressing?

Yes, however there is the possibility that small pieces of fiber could be found in bottle from ingredients within the flavor. This is sometimes due to the hydraulic process.

Will I lose weight?

Weight comes in many forms (pounds, mental dead weight , etc) , and results vary by individuals. We can only share what other's have experienced but there is NO guarantee that those same results (clear skin, drastic weight loss, reduction of certain illness, etc) will impact each person the same.  

How do I prep for my cleanse?

You can prep for your cleanse by removing dairy, bread, pasta, fried foods, meat and processed foods from your current regimen. Also, replace your current beverages with only water until your start date.

How do I place an order?

All orders can be placed, here, on the website by clicking the ORDER ONLINE tab. Select your bottle or cleanse  options then select quantity. There is a minimum single bottle order of "6" bottles on all website orders. Orders can also be placed at pop up shows, markets, and events hosted by third party organizations/companies or 1987 Juices. These ordering options will be advertised and announced via subscription list or through our social media outlets, Instagram or Facebook.


Can I freeze my juice?

Sure, we don't freeze them but if you'd like to store them in freezer be sure to sip a little from the top of your bottle to avoid swelling or bottle expansion.

Should I consult with my doctor prior to juicing?

Yes, if you have health concerns. Please do. We are not a replacement for expert medical attention, advice or consultation. Please always consult with your doctor if needed.

Payment and Shipping

We accept all major credit/debit cards and cash at our in person pop up shop options. We do not accept personal or cashier checks. Customers maybe invoiced for custom orders, special occasion events and catering. Shipping fees will be applied at checkout and all  orders will be processed within 3-5 business days with email confirmation and order process and tracking.

Returns & Refunds

There are no refunds on orders but Sip Credit is provided. 

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