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National Wellness Month: Reclaiming Our Time, Reclaiming Our Time!

By LAKEASHA BROWN August 05, 2022 0 comments

and I wanted to stop in for a wellness check. How are we tracking? With SO MUCH happening right now it's important we make the time to sit still and reconnect with ourselves. This month, I'm raising a bottle (of juice) to the version of ourselves we've always imagined we'd be and celebrating our boldness in actually becoming that version, daily. It's the small consistent changes that make big impact over time. Despite what lemons get thrown your way this month, always have your water and agave ready to make lemonade. Wellness is a lifelong journey of balance, and for all of us that looks different. I'm sharing my different below, enjoy!               XoXo, LaKeasha



1. Still Hitting my BUCKETLIST!!!! This has been the most exciting part of 2022 for me. In February, 1987 Juices became suppliers for the NFL and our first event was the Superbowl! I then flew a helicopter and skydived with a group of close friends. I've just planned my August adventure and I can't wait. I'll begin sharing that more here as well, wellness is life long journey on balance. Things that make you fearless, are apart of that.

2. Setting my phone on DND from 10pm until 10am. We're reclaiming our nights and mornings.  I've had this feature set on my phone since the beginning of the year, and it has made the most impact on how I start and end my day. And if you have an iPhone, they've now began incorporating mindful notifications for other iPhone users letting them know that your notifications have been silenced and so they should it expect a response at your earliest convenience. (Look at iPhone taking the heat for your peace, mkayyyy!)

3. Infusing 80% of the water I drink. In 2020/2021, I couldn't workout as much as I used to. Our fitness events paused due to covid. I spent all of my time making juice in our production facility to meet demand, but also maintain our business during such harsh times. However, my eating habits and infusing my waters with belly fat blasting, immunity boosting fruits and veggies have helped to sustain my weight. If you've seen me in person, you know she's snatched under that 1987 Juices shirt (haha). Click here for our latest Ebook, PHruitful, a 100 piece recipe book to help you do the same when time and budget are factors. 

4. Visiting the Farmer's market weekly for fresh fruit, veggies, and flowers. I love supporting local farmer's for my personal consumption as well. My favorite items to pull are figs, watermelon, berries, fresh sprouts, and eucalyptus. I generally go with a weekly budget of $25 to 30 and my items last the entire week. Check out this link here for my latest berry picks. 

5. Being more intentional with my YES and NO. I've learned that both are extremely expensive and taking the time to think before we offer or decline our time is a deal breaker. What I've done, made a list of where I want to be. Made a second list of where I am. And I only say yes to things that align with that. Whether it's me receiving an opportunity or giving one. Life isn't short, when you know how to make the days incredibly enjoyable, purposeful, and in alignment.

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